Join the Fun of Rugby with Stockholm Exiles RFC!

Hey there! Are you a die-hard rugby fan? Or are you just curious about trying out a sport that involves less sitting and more acting? You’ve stumbled upon the right spot!

Let’s talk about a true gem in the heart of Stockholm – the Stockholm Exiles Rugby Football Club. If you’re imagining Viking warriors playing rugby, you’re not too far off!

Founded against the background of the scenic beauty of Stockholm, the Stockholm Exiles RFC has become a central figure in Sweden’s rugby scene. Playing in the prestigious Allsvenskan League, they’re a force to be considered with. Rugby might not be the first thing that comes to mind when you think of Sweden, but the Exiles are on a mission to change that.

The club’s home grounds at Årsta Sportfält, the main training and playing ground, and Stureby IP, equipped with floodlights for those late-night sessions. This is where magic happens. Under the watchful eye of their president, Allan Mabon, the Exiles have cultivated a reputation for fierce competition and a welcoming community.

The Game and the Glory

Imagine spending your weekends engaging in a sport about strategy, speed, and a bit of good old-fashioned mud. That’s what the Stockholm Exiles bring to the table. With teams competing at the top levels of Swedish rugby, including 15s and 7s formats, there’s never a dull moment.

But it’s not all about the men. The Exiles are also proud of their women’s team, which hit the ground running in recent seasons, showing that rugby prowess knows no gender boundaries. Plus, their youth section is booming, nurturing young talents aged 5-18, ensuring the future of rugby in Stockholm is as bright as ever.

Why Rugby? Why Not!

If you’re sitting there thinking, “Why rugby?” let us tell you, it’s more than just a game. It’s about community, resilience, and, let’s be honest, enjoying a well-deserved third half (that’s rugby speak for socializing post-game). The Exiles are a melting pot of cultures with players from Ireland, England, France, New Zealand, Australia, South Africa, and beyond, making every match an international affair.

Training Sessions Offered:

  • Men’s Teams

Dive into rigorous training sessions held twice a week, followed by weekend competitive matches.

  • Women’s Teams

Join the squad as they train for top-tier performance with sessions tailored to harness skill and teamwork.

  • Youth Teams

Our sessions, which are aimed to boys and girls aged 5-18, focus on fun, fundamentals, and fostering a love for the game.

Participants in any of our teams have the chance to compete in both local and national competitions, showcasing their skills and teamwork. Push your limits and achieve new heights alongside your team. Whether you’re testing your mettle in the Allsvenskan League or representing at youth tournaments, there’s a place for everyone to shine.

Join the Fun!

Thinking of moving to Stockholm or looking for a new adventure? The Stockholm Exiles RFC is not a regular rugby club. We’ve been known to help new players find jobs and accommodation, making your transition into the rugby and Stockholm community as smooth as a well-executed ruck. Stockholm Exiles RFC are promoting a lifestyle, a community, and an exhilarating sport. We’re part of the heartbeat of Stockholm sports, proving that even in a land known for its winter sports, rugby has a warm home.

Ready to get a little grass-stained? Stockholm Exiles RFC is waiting for you. Who knows, you might just catch a game under the shimmering lights of Stureby IP and find yourself hooked for life. See you on the field!

Don’t hesitate to reach out, join a training session, or just come and cheer. The Exiles are all about inclusivity and are eager to welcome new faces to the fold.